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About 360learning

360Learning enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. With the LMS for collaborative learning, Learning & Development teams can accelerate upskilling with the help of internal experts instead of slow top-down training. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard and upskill employees, train customer-facing teams, and enable customers and partners–all from one place.

360Learning powers the future of work at 1,700 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has raised $240 million with 300+ team members across New York, Paris, London, and Frankfurt.

Why 360learning?

Core functionalities

  • Create courses in minutes, not months - empower anyone in your organization to create engaging courses to train new hires with 360Learning's native authoring tool – no technical skills required
  • Learn from the people who know your business best - watch employees go from new hire to team member when you connect them with subject-matter experts
  • Scale onboarding with relevant, personalized learning - equip hiring managers with the tools and insights required to deliver relevant new hire training at scale

What Does the Integration With Personio Look Like?

Integration scope

Keep Personio people data in sync with 360Learning with automatic daily user synchronization, eliminating the need for double data entry and mitigating possible human error.
Streamline your workflow with maximal flexibility to meet your existing HR infrastructure, without requiring any custom development or IT setup. With support for users, labels, custom fields, and more, you choose what to sync and 360Learning will do the rest.

Setting up the interface

Email your 360Learning Client Success Partner or Solution Architect with the following information:

  • Integration Name: Personio
  • Personio Domain: Your Personio application url.
  • Personio API Keys: client_id, client_Secret (to be configured in Personio)
  • 360Learning Group Id: Include only the ids for the groups that you will sync with Personio (Find the ID of a group).
  • 360Learning Connector Admin Email: The email of the user who will act as the administrator for your integration. In 360Learning, this user needs to be either a platform administrator or the platform owner (Permissions & roles).
  • (OPTIONAL) Custom Fields: If you want to sync additional fields, include the Personio API Field Name and how you would like the field name to appear in 360Learning.

After that, your Solution Architect will reach out and complete configuration and setup testing with you. Once testing is complete, they will turn the integration on in your live platform.

Tranfer of data

Employee data is transferred from Personio to 360Learning including:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • status
  • position
  • supervisor
  • and more custom fields (e.g. office, department)

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360learning integration screenshots

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